MotoSurf Club Germany e.V. map of MotoSurf spots we have investigated so far in Germany and many other countries.

IMPORTANT: Respect and follow rules on scene!

  • NATURE RESERVE are strictly forbidden – for a good reason. No need to scare animals to death.
  • SWIMMING ZONES are marked with yellow buoys. No surfing area for us in order to protect swimmers and ourselves.
  • MARINAS usually have a speed limit which can’t be met when riding a MotoSurf Board.
  • JETSKI TRACKS offer freedom to do tricks. Entry points maybe outside the track, so on your way to the track respect rules and speed limit.

Ignoring the rules only results in a decreasing acceptance of our sport and an increase of no-surf areas. So let’s respect the rules.

GREENMotoSurfing is 100% legal
YELLOWAreas for electric boards only
PURPLETraining installations for MotoSurf
REDNot suitable / forbidden
BLUEMotoSurfing possible, legal situation unclear

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