MotoSurf Club Germany found a private lake for training on the property of Paint-Park Wöbbelin.

Besides a beautiful sandy beach, crystal clear water and a lot of space for camping, we also got electrical power, toilets and showers available.

We erected a complete race track, so so you can improve your personal records, train with starting gates or learn MotoSurfing during a beginner’s course. Get in touch with us, we’ve got a solution.

Prior usage of the lake, a DISCLAIMER has to be signed.



When racing is going on, the race track will be used whether in clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.


Basic direction of our race track is COUNTER CLOCKWISE. Therefore, red buoys will be passed right-hand side and you make a left turn; turqousie or neutral buoys will be passed left-hand side and you make a turn right; white buoys mark the finish; yellow balls mark entry and exit of the so-called “split”. This is a part of the race track where two parallel slaloms are positioned. You pick the one you will ride each lap. This part of the track offers easier opportunities for taking over.


When starting from the starting gates, you follow the starting light. After all three lights go off, the lake will be crossed in a sprint and you enter the track at the red turning buoy (number 10) right before the split.


Entry and exit of Joker Lap are marked with black buoys. In the current track layout, you handle them like a red buoy and pass them right-hand side and make a turn left.

Joker lap is meant to disperse the bulk of racers. It will be defined prior racing and the number of joker laps to be taken will be announced.


5 laps race, plus 1 joker lap

This means you can decide to take the joker lap at any given time of the race. During the race, you HAVE TO take the joker lap one time. In this case, you enter the joker lap and ride the split a second time before going towards the finish. This lap will be clocked when you pass the finish line.

Race ends after passing finish line the 5th time.

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