The MOTOJET® V2 Plus is the top evolution of 2-cylinder boards.
MOTOJET® offers 2-cyl boards for some time already.
The V2 Plus is the top in terms of displacement and power.

MOTOJET® V2 Plus 2023 Model

MOTOJET® V2 PLuS 2023 Model

The all-new and improved MOTOJET® V2 Plus 2023 model will arrive soon and will be available in our shop!


At first view, the MOTOJET® V2 looks similar to the boards by JETSURF®.
When you take a closer look, you will see clear differences. We will present these here.


The heart of the MOTOJET® V2 Plus.

The 2-cylinder engine of the MOTOJET® V2 Plus – it even looks very delicious. It is empowered by two carburetors.

The entire engine is watercooled. Via a nozzle in the turbine water is led to the engine compartment and is released at the control nozzle left-hand side and the exhaust.

An alternator propelled by the crank shaft generates electrical power for the ignition. Battery power is required for the starter motor and the bilge pump. The electric bilge pump is supported by vacuum-driven drains.


The difference.

Starter motor is supported by CNC-milled and anodized engine supports.

The picture shown the sprocket of the clutch controller which is engaged during the starting process. The well-known freewheel bearing is not required.
All parts are CNC-milled at an extremly high quality level and surfaces are treated to stay perfect. Cables are sealed to be water-proof.


Your connection to the water.

High quality carbon and precious parts make the hull so beautiful you have to stare at it.
Precisely made side fins, main fin and plugs for unused side-fin boxes are convincing.


Maximum thrust.

Turbine of MotoJet V2 Plus is a new solution – a CNC-milled housing made of 7075 aviation grade aluminum, a 12mm stainless steel shaft and an impeller made of titanium.

With this impeller, surfing on water with debris isn’t a financial adventure anymore. The impeller is extremely robust and won’t burst when wood, sea-weed etc. hit it.

Connectors made of stainless steel hold the hoses properly and are salt-water resistant.


Tough stuff

No worries when MotoSurfing. Convincing impeller with great precision and robust material – titanium as known from avaiation and space industry.


Everything under control with the control handle.

A comfortable trigger to be used by both index finger and middle finger reduces fatigue of your hand.
You insert the magnetic kill switch into the anodized red ring. Once it is plugged in, the board “armed”.
Your MotoSurf experience starts once you press the black start button. Starter engages and engine starts.
To turn off the board, you simply pull the magnetic kill switch. It is attached to a wrist band with a floating material so you won’t lose it in the water.



Mike Zed from JetSurfing Nation tested the MotoJet V2 Plus and produced a nice video. Take a look at it!


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