MSCG Travel Bag with wheels

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MotoSurf Club Germany TRAVEL BAG with wheels and transport bag for board stand


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The new MotoSurf Club Germany TRAVEL BAG for your board has arrived!

Suitable for boards with 80cm length and 60cm width. Comfortable 30cm in height are available.

The bag offers following features:

  • woven black outer skin, easy to maintain
  • waterproof inner skin
  • thick upholstery – protects from damages during transport
  • multiple handles – front, back, sides – for comfortable handling
  • 3 pairs of adjustable straps inside the bag to secure your board and prevent slipping
  • 2 pairs of strong adjustable strsps outside the bag to attach the upholstery well to the board
  • robust wheels at the end of the bag – you can pull the MSCG Travel Bag like a suitcase
  • shoulder straps – you can carry the bag like a backpack. If you don’t need them, you can put them into a bag with zippers
  • many pockets with zippers – you will never have too many pockets
  • upholstered transport bag for board stand
  • robust zippers
  • strong, big buckles
  • weight: 5 kg

UPGRADE OPTION: soon we will have a Beach-Wheels upgrade kit available for MSCG Travel Bag. Then you can easily pull the bag behind you evben in soft sand at the beach.

MSCG Travel bag fits all current models of MOTOJET® and JETSURF® we don’t have any other boards available at the company to test.

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 68 × 45 × 35 cm


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